What comes to mind when you hear the phrase varicose veins? Most likely the gnarled, blue veins on your great-grandma’s calves. But varicose veins are not only a condition for the elderly. In fact, they are caused by a malfunctioning of the vein that can occur in patients much younger than you may expect. The side effects of varicose veins run the gamut from burning and itching to serious pain and bulging veins.
But there is a procedure called Vein Ablations that can eliminate these symptoms and the veins that cause them. Patients who undergo this simple, outpatient procedure experience lots of significant benefits, here are just a few.

1. Eliminates Pain And Discomfort
Patients who live with varicose veins often report significant amounts of ongoing pain or discomfort in their legs. From a slight burning sensation to a deep ache, that constant pain can make everyday life excruciating. That’s why for many people vein ablations offer them a new lease on life. Suddenly they’re able to move through their regularly scheduled lives without suffering from discomfort.

2. Allows Patients To Return To Activity
Not only do patients get to live their lives normally again, but they can also return to or establish an exercise routine. In fact, some of the contributing factors for varicose veins are obesity and general inactivity. So, patients who have the vein ablation procedure and then establish a new exercise routine may be less likely to see a recurrence of the condition. Either way, we know that regular exercise keeps our legs healthy and can help fight against the onset of varicose veins.

3. Restores Self-Confidence
This last item may seem like the most shallow, but for some will be the most important. Vein ablations help patients regain the confidence to comfortably wear clothing that shows off their legs. For men and women who have avoided wearing shorts for years, this revelation may be the most exciting of the unexpected benefits of the surgery. Even the most confident people hide their legs due to unsightly veins, and this surgery will change their lives.

For patients suffering from varicose veins, vein ablations are a godsend. Not only does it reduce or eliminate pain, but it allows them to feel free and confident in their own bodies. If you suffer from this condition it doesn’t have to define the rest of your life. You can move on with confidence after undergoing this short and effective out-patient procedure. For more information about vein ablations or to learn how to take better care of your cardiovascular health, contact us today.