The doctors who treat you as you age are some of the most influential figures in your life. Good health maintenance requires the oversight of medical professionals who can see future risk factors and help you mitigate incoming issues. But that’s not all you need in a doctor. It’s vital that you have good relationships with your doctors, that they’re qualified to handle your case, and that you feel cared for. It’s easy to know when a doctor isn’t the right fit. When you leave with a bad feeling in your gut, or you feel your needs go unmet. But, how do you know when you’re in the right place?

As leading cardiologists in our area, we know how important it is to our clients to find a place they feel safe and cared for, and we are proud to be that place for many people. The best way to determine whether your cardiologist’s office is the right place for you is to get comfortable asking some hard questions of yourself and your doctors. Here are some simple (yet powerful) questions we recommend you consider.

Does This Doctor Have Experience With Cases Like Mine?

Are you dealing with a specialized medical case? Even some of the best cardiologists will come across unfamiliar cases from time to time. It’s always wise to find a doctor who has experience in your particular case or works in a team of people. One of the significant assets of our cardiovascular practice is the number of professionals on our team who bring to the table their background and experience. When you choose a practice with a team of eight doctors and nurses, you’re never far from someone who can help you navigate your heart health.

Do I Have A Rapport With This Practice?

You invest in many services that don’t require you to have a good relationship with the person you hire. For example, when you need your oil changed, you probably don’t worry much about whether or not you have a good rapport with your mechanic. But the medical field is one where relationships matter. Any time you’re visiting a doctor to have your heart health assessed and managed, you want to ensure that you feel comfortable with the individual providing care and their team of nurses and administrative staff. At Cardiovascular Associates in Lake County, we take pride in the quality of relationships we develop with our patients and the high level of care our talented staff enables us to offer.

Did I Leave With My Concerns Addressed?

Inherent in your heart health journey are questions and curiosity about what comes next and what to expect from each medication or diagnostic service. We love questions, and we hope our patients always feel comfortable asking them of us. But we also know that not all offices are as committed to healthy communication as we are. As you pursue heart health, you deserve to feel confident in the care you’re receiving. Before you meet with your cardiologist or any member of their team, take time to think through all of your questions and concerns. Jot them down on a piece of paper and bring them with you. When you leave having had your most pressing questions and concerns addressed, you’ll know you’ve found the right cardiologist.

We understand your desire to find the best cardiologist in your area. Your heart health is a big deal, and we are honored that so many community members put their health in our hands. We hope the questions above will be helpful as you attempt to find a cardiologist who fits your needs. If you’d like to learn more about our practice, give us a call any time.