If you’ve recently undergone a balloon stenting procedure, you’re probably already starting to feel better. As you know, during this procedure a surgeon feeds a balloon into a blocked artery and inflates it to push the blood-flow-restricting plaque back toward the artery walls. Then a mesh stent is inserted to hold that artery wide open and allow blood to flow much more naturally through your body. After your balloon stenting surgery you probably feel a whole lot better than you did before, but is your new stent the end of your cardiac problems?
Stenting Isn’t A Cure
While your stent will allow for more blood flow to your heart, it isn’t a cure. Clogged arteries are a symptom of a bigger problem. Just like cough medicine doesn’t cure a cold, stenting is just the tip of the iceberg when finding a solution to your greater cardiac issues. A patient’s arteries become clogged when fat, cellular waste, proteins, and calcium begin to stick to the inside of your vessel walls and form a substance called plaque. In order to get to the bottom of your cardiac issues, you must address what is causing this plaque to accumulate. Most often this is lifestyle related.

Follow Your Cardiologist’s Orders
After your balloon stenting procedure, your doctor will reiterate to you important lifestyle changes that will help you avoid another incident of restenosis. At first, it may be overwhelming to change your diet, your habits, and your daily routine all at once. But you must remember that this stent of yours isn’t a cure, and if you don’t commit to a new lifestyle you may easily find yourself back in the same situation where you started. In addition to managing your lifestyle changes, it’s also very important that you take your medications religiously. Ask your cardiologist for clarification if you feel confused or unsure about her instructions.

The stent is a small yet seemingly miraculous device as it can enhance your quality of life and reduce your need for more invasive procedures like open heart surgery. If you’re preparing to have a balloon stenting surgery we hope that you’ll go into it knowing that this is just one step in your journey toward renewed cardiac health.

Living a heart-healthy life takes commitment to make daily decisions in your own best interest. If you’re concerned about your own well-being and would like a team of experts on your side, contact us today.