If you’re dreading your upcoming Cardiac Stress Test, worry not. Your cardiologist isn’t planning to put your through a marathon or high energy crossfit workout.
The Cardiac Stress Test is a common diagnostic test used to determine how efficiently your heart muscle works while under stress. During the test a patient is hooked up to monitors which test heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and EKG. Then one of two things happens. If the patient is undergoing a traditional exercise stress test he or she is asked to walk or run on a treadmill quickly enough to elevate their heart rate, or if the patient is unable to do so the heart rate can be chemically elevated in what is called a Nuclear Stress Test. This test is a powerful tool to allow cardiologists to diagnose particular cardiac conditions. In this specific article, we’ll be diving into some of the frequently asked questions that you may not have thought of regarding your upcoming Exercise Stress Test.

What Should I Wear For This Test?
Take your fashion hints by the name of the test and be sure to dress ready for exercise. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy anything new. Just dress in comfortable clothing and shoes that you can easily move your body in. And make sure you wear something you’re willing to sweat in.

How Can I Prepare For My Upcoming Exam?
Besides getting a good night sleep the night before, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to prepare for your exam. The whole point of this exercise is to determine exactly how your heart is functioning at this point in your life. There’s no need to practice or prepare. Just show up ready and willing to follow through with whatever your doctor prescribes you as a result.

What If I Can’t Run On A Treadmill?
You’ve probably seen the pictures of people participating in this particular test who look like professional runners. That isn’t the expectation for everyone. The goal is to get your heart rate elevated, so for some that may occur when you are walking at a brisk pace, while others may have to run or even sprint to elevate their heart rate enough. This test will be different for everyone and as long as you can walk uphill you’ll be able to complete it with no problem.

Any test that requires you to exercise publicly can be stressful for men and women of all levels of fitness. But the Exercise Stress Test is an important diagnostic test that gives your cardiologist lots of valuable information about your cardiac health. If you are concerned about your heart health, contact us today to be connected with one of our experienced cardiologists.