Having a heart attack is scary and can leave you wondering if life will ever be the same again. The answer to that question is complicated, for many patients – with treatment and time – complete recovery is possible but that certainly doesn’t mean they can return to life as they knew it.
Once you’ve been alerted of issues with your heart health by an event as significant as a heart attack, it’s critical to make adjustments to your life and take better care of your cardiac health moving forward.

It’s important to remember that every patient is different, and only your cardiologist can give you an informed opinion on how to move forward. However, here are some recovery tips that apply to most patients.

Recovery Takes Time
Your heart attack was a traumatic event for your heart and body, and recovery from it takes time. During your attack, critical blood and oxygen supply to your heart were disrupted (most often by a buildup of fatty plaque) and that oxygen deprivation can cause serious damage to your heart muscle. Depending on the severity of the injury to your heart, it can take several months for you to totally recover and return to your previous level of activity. For some patients who are used to a busy lifestyle, this adjustment is difficult at first. But, the more you invest in your recovery today, the better off you’ll be long term.

Envision Your New Lifestyle
During the recovery period after your heart attack, you’ll be reminded time and again by your cardiologist how critical it is to make big changes to your lifestyle. Depending upon your previous lifestyle those changes might include exercising for the first time, making adjustments to your diet, and even reevaluating some of the stressors in your daily life. These three things are essential factors in a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Find New Inspiration
After returning home after your cardiac event you will undoubtedly need to turn to the people in your life for support. You’ll need their physical and emotional support in recovery, but more importantly, you’ll need their support as you work toward regaining your health and reimagining your new heart-healthy lifestyle. Make sure the people closest to you understand clearly how to support you. And, if necessary, reach out and build a new support system of people whose healthy lifestyles you admire. Surrounding yourself with positive influences will help you to continue making the best choices for your health.

Your heart attack doesn’t have to be a life sentence, but it is an invitation to a new life and a renewed commitment to your well-being. And remember that you don’t have to traverse this new landscape alone, at Cardiovascular Associates of Lake County you have the support and encouragement of our entire team as you move forward on your journey. Contact us today to learn more about heart attack prevention and recovery.