Committing to an exercise regimen that you love is an essential part of maintaining your heart health over the long haul. But, Florida’s extreme summer heat and unpredictable rains can make it difficult to continue your outdoor exercise routines. Walking in the park with your dog is far less safe and enjoyable in 100% humidity than it was during the cooler days of winter, but the weather shouldn’t be an excuse for quitting altogether.
Here are some tips for staying cool while you break a sweat this summer:

Put On Your Swimsuit
What’s more refreshing than cooling off in a nice pool during the summer? Why not turn pool time into an opportunity for exercise? Swimming is a low impact cardiovascular workout that is great for your heart health and easy on your joints. Check in with local organizations that may offer classes for all ages, or take it upon yourself to swim some laps at your community pool. Or, if swimming isn’t for you, consider water aerobics. Just remember that even though you’re all wet, you’re still breaking a sweat and its important to stay hydrated.

Find A Gym That’s Right For You
If you haven’t already, find a gym you can join so that you always have an exercise option available to you. There are so many different types of gyms – some offer classes, others provide high end, specialized equipment – do your research and find the one that fits your needs. Perhaps you’d like to try something new, like spinning, Crossfit, yoga, or even ballet-based barre workouts. Try something new, you may love it!

Fitness From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Gyms aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re cutting costs, don’t have the extra time, or you’d just feel more comfortable in your own space, there are plenty of easy ways to workout from your own home. You could invest in some fitness equipment, transform that second bedroom into a yoga studio, or just workout in your living room to videos of your favorite trainer. The secret is that as long as you’re moving, you’re on the right track.

Get Creative With Free Resources
When the days are long and hot, it can be difficult to find the motivation you need to even get started. So before you pull the trigger on a paid membership, or purchase equipment, get creative with the resources available to you. Do you live near a mall? Meet up with a friend and walk some laps inside the mall. The combination of window shopping and good conversation will make you forget you’re working out. Or take a break from sitting at your desk to walk up and down the stairs at your office building. Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to improve your heart health.

While creating a habit of regular cardiovascular exercise is essential for maintaining heart health at any age, we recommend that you consult first with your cardiologist for advice on where to begin your heart health journey. For more information about improving your personal wellness, or to make an appointment with a member of our team, contact us today.