When you hear the term varicose veins, most people can conjure an image of dark purple and blue veins scrolled on the back of a person’s legs. It’s not a look that anyone is going for, so it’s clear why people would want to have them removed. But it’s also not just an image problem, varicose veins come with other issues which we’ll address below. But first, let’s review the treatment that we recommend to our patients who want to get rid of their varicose veins.

Vein ablations are a minimally invasive and quick procedure that permanently removes varicose veins from a patient’s legs. To understand the procedure you first need to understand the cause of varicose veins. Each of the veins and arteries in your body has a series of valves that help push blood through the body. When those valves don’t work correctly, a backup of blood forms causing a pool in the middle of what would normally be a rushing river. The longer the valve is broken, the bigger the pool gets until eventually the vein swells up and is visible through your skin.

During vein ablations, a catheter is threaded into the varicose vein. Then the vein is treated with radiofrequency or laser technology and essentially destroyed. But don’t worry, your body is incredible and knows immediately how to redirect your blood flow. Vein ablation is a life-changing procedure for some people, while also being simple and easy to recover from. If you’re on the fence about getting your varicose veins removed, here are some of the primary reasons our patients choose to have it done.

Feel Confident In Your Skin

Florida is the land of sunshine but during the summer it is also the land of shorts and tank tops. If you live in Central Florida or the surrounding areas, you’re likely spending at least half of the year exposing your skin to the world. Some of us make this fashion change as a way to keep cool during the long, hot summer days. For others, showing their skin is a fashion choice or a uniform they wear as they take advantage of our other outdoor activities like the beach, springs, hiking, kayaking, and more. 

Too often we see patients who are overdressing or simply not able to enjoy the great outdoors here in Central Florida because they are embarrassed about the varicose veins in their legs. While we encourage people to get out and enjoy their lives no matter what their legs look like, we also understand how important it is that our patients feel happy and confident in their skin. Vein ablation is a minimally invasive way to remove varicose veins and give you the confidence to put on your favorite shorts or bathing suit and enjoy all the heat and humidity that Central Florida has to offer.

Live And Move Comfortably

The thing about varicose veins is that they are more than just awkward-looking. In addition to making patients feel insecure about dressing in their favorite summer outfits, varicose veins can also be extremely uncomfortable. As blood backs up and the veins begin to swell, many patients report feeling discomfort. Depending upon the patient, the pain can range from an itching sensation to aching, burning, or even throbbing pain. 

At some point, these varicose veins aren’t just impacting what you wear, they may begin limiting the types of activities you can do. If your throbbing varicose vein pain is keeping you from exercising, playing with your grandchildren, or enjoying your favorite hobbies, it’s high time that you do something about it. For most of our patients, varicose vein ablation is a quick and simple solution that will last.

Protect Your Long Term Health

Beyond self-image and physical comfort, varicose veins that go untreated for too long can be dangerous to your health. Commonly, untreated veins go on to create ulcers on the surface of the skin, and in the worst cases, a blood clot can form. If you’re familiar with blood clots in the body, you know how dangerous they can be. When a piece of a blood clot breaks off and flows into the bloodstream, it can land in your lungs causing a pulmonary embolism which can be dangerous and even deadly. 

Somewhere along the lines, varicose veins turned into a vanity issue, but as you see here they are a medical condition that can lead to other potentially dangerous problems if left unchecked. If you are living with untreated varicose veins, vein ablation is a safe and simple treatment that will reduce your risk of serious complications.

No matter why you choose to undergo vein ablation, we’re here to support you and help you get back to the life you want to live. Our team has plenty of experience dealing with varicose vein-related issues and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right solution for your life. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.