It is widely known that regular exercise is part of the equation for heart health. As you begin any kind of exercise your heart rate quickens causing the heart muscles to pump more blood throughout your body. When you exercise regularly your heart becomes stronger and more efficient.
But not everyone is cut out for marathon running, weightlifting, or other high-intensity workouts. Your regular exercise may look different than the exercise that works for your spouse, family members, or friends.

If you’re new to exercise or simply want to commit to something that won’t stress your body too much, consider trying one of the following types of exercises which can all be catered to your current ability.

For many people, walking is a great place to start on your journey to heart health. Whether you walk your dog, or take a few laps around the neighborhood, getting your steps in is a great way to stay healthy. Often in Florida, it’s difficult to commit to walking regularly during the dead of summer. So be sure and come up with a plan to keep yourself active during the hottest months. And if you respond well to external motivation, consider purchasing at pedometer so you can track how many steps you take in a day.

Another great option is riding your bicycle. Cycling is a great way to get exercise with even less stress on your joints. There are varying styles of bicycles that work for different people. From tricycles to recumbent bikes (which allow you to sit down with your legs in front of you), take the time to find a bike that you feel comfortable in. You may even consider using your bike for transportation on your next trip to the store or to visit friends in your neighborhood.

Yoga is another great way to maintain heart health, build muscle, and gain flexibility. As you age, muscle mass shrinks and tendons become less hydrated, causing your body to become stiff and more fragile. The combination of less muscle and less flexibility can make normal tasks more difficult. Plus, yoga is a great tool for lowering stress which is a huge factor in female heart health. Some people feel intimidated by the idea of yoga, but most studios have classes for people at all different levels, and some even offer seated chair yoga.

Regardless of your current level of exercise, it’s never too late to commit to an exercise habit that will help you maintain your heart health. For more information about heart-healthy lifestyle choices, or to make an appointment with one of our cardiologists, contact us today.