We all know the importance of visiting our primary care doctors and dentists a couple of times a year to maintain our health. But, how often are you seeing your cardiologist? Just as your dental health can impact all areas of your well-being, the health of your cardiovascular system has far-reaching and lasting impacts on the rest of your body. At our office in Tavares, Florida, we do more than simply treat our patients when they’re sick. We partner with patients to help them make the medical and lifestyle choices that will hopefully keep them from getting sick in the first place. 

Regular Testing Is Like A Wellness Barometer

Once you have an ongoing relationship with a local cardiologist, you’ll enter into a regular testing schedule. These tests may vary from patient to patient, but the important thing is that your cardiologist can determine a baseline for your heart health. Over time, you’ll see how medications, procedures, and lifestyle adjustments impact your cardiovascular health and dial in the perfect combination of habits and interventions with the help of a great cardiologist. Often we see that patients wait until they are in peril to visit their cardiologist, but we recommend you find a cardiologist you like and visit them early and often to get the best long-term results. 

Track Your Risks

Most people know that poor diet and a lack of exercise are factors that affect your cardiovascular health. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and stress are also factors that you need to watch out for. There is also a significant genetic component to heart health. Identifying and juggling all of these potential risks can feel like a daunting task. With the help of a cardiologist, you can determine what your risk factors are so that you can design a life that promotes cardiovascular wellness. You can imagine how important it is to develop a good rapport with your cardiologist through regular visits in order to really understand the health factors that are within your control and even those that aren’t.

Maintaining Your Health

Once you’ve undergone regular cardiovascular evaluation and your risks have been tracked, you can begin to make the choices and changes necessary to become the greatest version of yourself. Just like a dietician can help you maintain weight loss and a personal trainer can help you maintain muscle development, your cardiologist is in the business of helping patients maintain their cardiovascular health. Regular maintenance visits to the cardiologist can help you continue your cardiovascular-health journey for many years to come and can help you adjust treatments as necessary to prevent further illness.

Thanks to modern technology, we all have access to unbelievable amounts of medical knowledge stored right on the internet for all to see. This access to information is wonderful and has helped motivate patients to visit our office over the years. However, it’s not a replacement for regular cardiac care. There’s so much more that goes into medicine, including years of education and decades of practice, than you could ever find in a collection of internet articles. All this information can help you better understand your risks and flesh out your understanding of your cardiovascular health, but internet articles are neither diagnostic nor can they provide access to the treatments and interventions you need to achieve optimal heart health. The best way to achieve ideal cardiovascular wellness is through regular appointments with your cardiologist.

At Cardiovascular Associates of Lake County, we have a long history of helping the residents of Tavares, Florida, improve their cardiovascular health, and we’d love to help you too. Our team of doctors and nurses is focused on helping our patients live their best and longest lives. If you’re ready to join a cardiovascular practice and take control of your health, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you.