Nearly half of Americans have at least one of the risk factors for heart disease. And in half a million Americans yearly, those risk factors will lead to death. There are many treatments and lifestyle changes which can turn the lives of heart patients around. From surgeries and medications to dietary changes and exercise regimens. But one cardiac intervention that has a success rate of 97-99% is the pacemaker implantation surgery.
You’ve likely heard of a pacemaker before, but if not here is a rundown. A pacemaker is a small device that is surgically inserted into a patient’s chest to artificially maintain a normal heart rate. During this normally simple surgery, the pacemaker is implanted underneath the skin and monitors the heartbeat and in the case that it is beating out of sync the pacemaker sends an electrical signal to the heart to bring it back to normal rate. The central benefits of a pacemaker implantation surgery are clear, you’ll no longer have to worry about whichever heart condition has been plaguing you. However, there are more benefits you can expect to enjoy after you have recovered from your pacemaker implantation surgery.

No More Fear of A Cardiac Event
When your heart is unwell or you have a condition that causes it to beat abnormally, you can be a walking time bomb. Without proper cardiac care, you may find yourself living scared of the moment when something bad happens. One of the many great benefits of undergoing a pacemaker implantation surgery is the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing that if something does go wrong this little machine will keep you safe.

A New Beginning
Getting a pacemaker isn’t a cure for heart disease, but it’s an opportunity to start fresh. A new beginning. Some patients with pacemakers get them because of congenital conditions beyond their control. However, for many other patients, a pacemaker is required due to damage caused by heart disease. If this is the case for your or someone you know there is no better time than the present to take your health into your own hands and begin making necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle to promote your long-term health.

Return To A Normal Exercise Routine
In the spirit turning over a new leaf and starting life anew, your new pacemaker will allow you to slowly return to regular exercise routine. Whether you enjoy taking an aerobics class, swimming at the local YMCA, or walking around the neighborhood listening to music, regular exercise is healthy for your heart as well as your mind. Of course, whatever exercise routine you decide to try, it’s critical that you involve your cardiologist in your decision so that he or she can guide you in doing so safely.

Walking around with a heart that doesn’t work properly can make every day living a little more stressful than you’d prefer. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Getting a pacemaker will keep your heart beating just the way it should, and it may also give you a whole new lease on life. For more information on pacemakers or other elements of cardiac care, contact us today.