The pacemaker is an incredible instrument that has been modified and improved over the years to provide patients with increasingly longer, happier, and healthier lives. The technology isn’t new, the first pacemaker implantation took place in the 1950s, but time and experience have enabled doctors and scientists to improve greatly upon the device and the surgical procedure we call pacemaker implantation. 

Anytime you’re engaging a new medical professional it’s important to do your research. But, because of the nature of cardiology, we believe it’s doubly important to do your due diligence and pick the best cardiology team possible. With so many options it can be difficult to determine who is the right cardiologist to turn to when you need pacemaker implantation surgery. We’ve created a list of things we think you should consider when you’re in the market for a cardiology team.

Years Of Experience

It’s incredible to witness the impressive transformation of the medical field over the last several decades. Science and technology have changed many of the ways that we treat our patients and enable us to do our job better than ever. And while we celebrate technology and embrace change there is one thing that only gets better with age and that is experience. When choosing a cardiologist it’s not always wise to choose the newest doctor in the field. There’s something to be said about professional experience, and when you go in for your pacemaker implantation you have to be sure that your cardiologist and the team that surrounds them has many years of experience performing pacemaker implantation surgery and others like it.

Number Of Patients Seen

In addition to the years of experience that a cardiologist has there is great value in their experience treating a broad swath of different types of patients. Every time a cardiologist performs pacemaker implantation surgery he or she gets new insights, sees a new heart, and becomes a more experienced and trained surgeon. That is exactly the characteristic that you deserve in the cardiologist performing your pacemaker implantation. Just this year the physicians in our office have seen nearly 3000 patients. The more patients we see the better we are able to serve you. So as you were in the market for a cardiologist bear in mind the importance of their hands-on experience.

Bedside Manner

You are entrusting your heart to your Cardiologist. But you’re entrusting a lot more than that to them. Medical procedures can be scary, stressful, and intimidating for people. While pacemaker implantation surgery is a common procedure with nothing to fear, we see patients all the time who are nervous about what to expect. When you’re navigating complex and stressful medical issues it’s important to have a medical team on your side that is committed to helping you feel safe and confident. As a patient, it’s well within your right to meet your doctors and choose a cardiology team that you feel comfortable working with. If you are in a relationship with a doctor right now that you feel does not have a great bedside manner, you should feel free to make a change. In our office, compassionate care for our patients is one of our most important values. If you feel that you’re not getting what you need give us a call.

Part Of A Strong Team

No man is an island, and no cardiologist is either. An element of excellent cardiovascular care is finding a physician who is willing to work as part of a team. The members of our team of 6 cardiologists and 2 advanced-practice nurse practitioners are each talented in their own right, but what’s powerful about cultivating such an experienced team is the cumulative expertise that is brought to the table on your behalf as a patient. If an issue ever arises that a cardiologist isn’t quite sure how to handle, he or she is surrounded by a team of colleagues who will enthusiastically help. Isn’t that what you want entrusting a doctor to perform pacemaker implantation surgery?

The relationships you develop with your medical professionals are critical to maintaining your health as your age. If you are in a relationship with a doctor you don’t trust, who you can’t speak openly with, or who simply doesn’t have very much experience, you don’t have to stay there. Your pacemaker implantation surgery is technically simple. The doctors on our team have performed surgeries just like this one for decades. But that doesn’t mean your surgery is any less important to us.

At Cardiovascular Associates of Lake County, we are committed to our core values of respect, integrity, compassion, and ethics. We know how much responsibility is in our hands as your cardiology team, and we are honored to be your partners as you pursue cardiovascular health. If you or someone in your family needs to undergo pacemaker implantation surgery or any other cardiovascular surgery feel free to call us anytime. Our team of doctors is here to help.