We can all call up an image in our minds of varicose veins. Perhaps you recall seeing your parents or grandparents whose legs were striped with blue lines. However you came to know about varicose veins, many are surprised to learn that they’re not just unsightly; they can also be incredibly painful.

Varicose veins appear when a patient’s vascular system can no longer efficiently pump blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. This can happen as a result of pregnancy, menopause, obesity, or a number of other factors. The result is that blood begins to pool in the veins of the legs, causing them to swell enough that they become visible through the skin. Patients suffering from varicose veins often describe the sensation of aching, burning, or even throbbing in the affected area. Most people who haven’t experienced varicose veins for themselves never realize they can be so disruptive to a person’s life.

But there’s good news in all of this! Vein ablations are a highly successful treatment for varicose veins that are simple, low risk, and outpatient. This procedure makes a world of difference to the patients who benefit from it.

What Can You Expect From Vein Ablations?

Vein ablations are the type of medical procedure that gives patients a lot of bang for their buck. As we mentioned, the procedure is outpatient and low risk but can provide a renewed sense of comfort and well-being that feels like it shouldn’t come so simply. 

During a vein ablation procedure, the technician makes a small incision in your leg and leaves a catheter through until it reaches the affected area. Once in place, the catheter emits either laser, radio frequency, or a chemical solution directly into the affected vein, causing it to scar over and die. What’s incredible about the human body is that the body will find a new way for blood to traverse through the leg.

Once the treatment is complete, most patients are sent home to recover. It is possible to be kept in the hospital for your recovery., Your doctor can give you more information about what to expect for your case. You will wear compression garments for at least a week after the procedure but can generally return to your regular activity. Though, it’s recommended that you avoid vigorous exercise for at least a week. Your doctor will always give you specific recovery instructions based on your case.

Are You A Candidate?

Often varicose veins occur as a result of a poorly functioning venous system. Treating varicose veins without acknowledging the condition’s underlying cause will not be successful in the long run. You may end up eliminating some unsightly veins only to see them pop up again later in another location.

Hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, and a lack of physical activity are all things that can cause varicose veins. It’s essential to treat these issues to improve your overall health and ensure the best results from your vein ablation procedure.

We recommend that you speak openly and honestly with your cardiologist about your lifestyle and habits so that they can give you appropriate recommendations for how to move forward with a lifestyle that will keep your body healthy and functioning properly.

Our patients often express how life-changing a vein ablation procedure has been for them. Not only does it give them a renewed sense of confidence to walk around in shorts exposing their legs, but it also improves their quality of life by reducing their discomfort and making physical activity more accessible. If varicose veins have become a limiting factor in your life, give our office a call today. We would love to discuss your options and how we can help you reclaim your life.