‘Tis the season for holiday parties galore. From now until the end of the year you’ll be dodging seasonal gatherings left and right. But as you work hard to build a healthy lifestyle remember that the upcoming holidays don’t have to usher in a whole season of unhealthy eating.
Maintaining healthy dietary habits is one of the single biggest factors in maintaining heart health. So this year, why not try something new and throw a holiday party that makes all of your guests healthier with these heart health tips.

Plated Dinners vs. Buffet
You know the temptation of walking along a buffet table packed with your favorite comfort foods. It’s virtually impossible to gauge how much food is enough until you’ve suddenly eaten way too much. For your holiday party this year, consider serving plated dinners instead of a large buffet. That way you can easily limit yourself and yourself to single portions without the temptation to head back to the buffet for seconds. It goes without saying that being overweight can significantly increase your chances of having a heart attack, so curbing your excess food intake can help protect your heart health.

Skip The Alcohol
All of the holiday parties start to blend together into one big seasonal cocktail if you’re not careful. But no one needs another glass of red wine or sip of punch to ring in the holiday season. In fact, drinking too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, or even stroke. Consider selecting a low-sugar or non-alcoholic drink to serve at our holiday party that will better support your heart healthy lifestyle and that of your guests.

Make Food Substitutions
If you’re not careful, and especially as the weather cools off, holiday food choices can tend toward the comfortable, creamy, and cheesy. Foods high in certain fats can increase your cholesterol causing plaque to build up inside your veins. So this year, switch out your favorite casserole for a healthier alternative. For instance, lose the creamy condensed soup in your green bean casserole in exchange for fresh steamed green beans – a much healthier option.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean limiting all of the delicious treats from your diet. However, as party season ramps up it’s easy to find yourself indulging in those delicious treats far too frequently. This season try making a few small changes at a time to keep yourself from falling into the holiday party health trap. And if you are concerned about your heart health, and aren’t already under the care of a cardiologist, contact us today.